E-Commerce Shop Owners choose one platform for business- Magento vs. Shopify

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E-Commerce Shop Owners choose one platform for business- Magento vs. Shopify

When choosing the right platform, there are definitely a lot of factors that you need to consider in order to make the right choice. Two of the biggest name in the ecommerce game are Magento and Shopify, but even when looking at them there are some definitely differences that can really sway your decision depending on what you are looking for. To make things easier for you, we are going to talk about the differences and some of the pros and cons of these platforms, so make sure you keep reading for a Magento vs. Shopify comparison.

To start off, we are going to talk about the biggest difference between these two platforms and that is the way that they are hosted. Shopify is hosted by the provider itself which makes it the perfect option for anyone that has no experience with these types of things. On the other hand, Magento is a self-hosted solution which means that it requires a lot more technical knowledge in order to even set up the platform, so it may be a bit more complicated for a beginner to wrap their minds around, but if you are someone that is tech-savvy, then this is a great option for you.

A great pro of Shopify is that they understand the need for mobile friendly ecommerce stores because most people shop on their mobile devices. They have more than 60 really amazing looking themes that will make your ecommerce storefront mobile ready so that it fits different types of screens. A very notable pro of Magento is that it is a very flexible platform that will give you complete freedom with your ecommerce. You will be able to design your store in any way you want so you can make it really professional and original.

However, apart from some benefits, these platforms also come with some disadvantages as well, and that is the next thing that we will talk about in this Magento vs. Shopify comparison. When it comes to Shopify, a pretty notable con is the fact that they will charge you a transaction fee for every sale that you make. The fees can vary from 1%-2% and they will decrease as you upgrade your plan, but for a small business that is just starting up, that fee can be a problem. A big problem when it comes to Magento is the fact that you definitely need to have a lot more technical knowledge than you do with Shopify. We mentioned that a great pro is the flexibility when it comes to design, but the fact is that you can make those customizations only if you have a fair bit of coding knowledge so that can be a problem if you are someone that has never had any contact with coding.

As we mentioned before, there are some pretty big differences between the two platforms as well as some pros and cons for both of them. We hope that you found this article helpful and that you were able to figure out which of the platforms in this Magento vs. Shopify comparison will be the right one for you and your ecommerce business.

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