Benefits of Shopify over Magento: This is Why Shopify may be #1

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Benefits of Shopify over Magento: This is Why Shopify may be #1

If you have had anything to do with the world of ecommerce, then the names Shopify and Magento are surely ones that you have already heard before and are familiar with. However, these are two very different platforms and in our opinion Shopify is the better choice for beginners and even for experienced ecommerce owners. Today we are going to talk about some of the most notable benefits of Shopify over Magento, so make sure to keep reading to find out more.

A lot better templates

When you are looking for an ecommerce platform, apart from looking for different functionalities, you also need to pay attention of the tools that it will give you when you are working on the design of the ecommerce website. When it comes to Shopify, they actually have some of the best themes out there that will give your storefront an incredibly professional look and feel. And although the paid-for ones are definitely more expensive than the ones that Magento offers, they are still a lot better quality that completely justifies the price.

Much easier to work with

One of the great benefits of Shopify over Magento is the fact that Shopify is incredibly easy to work with. Magento is a self-hosted platform and that means that most beginners will probably have a really tough time figuring it out. Shopify is actually hosted by Shopify so you won’t have to worry about any of the technological issues or finding a server yourself. More than that, the interface of the platform is incredibly user friendly so that even the most inexperienced user will have an easy time figuring it out and the creation of the ecommerce will take only minutes to complete.

Better scalability

While you can definitely also scale up your business when working with the Magneto platform, scaling up also usually means finding a new host and that will definitely cost you a lot more money. Shopify on the other hand simply has different plans that accommodate different needs and sizes of businesses, so all you will have to when you see your business growing is move on to the next plan in the line.

As we already mentioned, we believe that Shopify is definitely the better choice between the two platforms compared in this article. We hope that the benefits of Shopify over Magento that we spoke about above are enough for you to realize why we believe it is the way to go and that you are going to do ahead and use the free 14 day trial.

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